Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dear Band Members,

I thought that some of you might like seeing the pictures of the birds around the pond behind the Carrollton Senior Citizens Building where we practice each week. I took some of the pictures last year of the baby swans. I also included some spring pictures that I took in my back yard.
I hope that you enjoy my pictures.


Spring is Beautiful !!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Joann Aukes was presented flowers...

Joann Aukes was presented flowers for the wonderful job that she did on the Scrapbook of our Concert Band by our President, Walt Dean. The Scrapbook is a history from the very beginning of our band. It also has the history of the Up Swing Band.
Joann is one of our original members and is very talented. She plays clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone and is learning Oboe.
The Scrapbook is beautiful. If you have not seen it yet be sure and look at it.
Thank you Joann.


Our conductor, Bob Austin, played his Saxophones (Soprano and Alto) in a recital last Friday along with Dr. Adkins on the organ. Bob arranged all of the works that were played with the saxophone for this occasion.
The recital was at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 6055 Azle Ave., Fort Worth.

Everyone said that they really enjoyed Bob's preformance. I am looking forward to being able to attend his next recital.

Dr. Debbie Rohwer does a study....

Dr. Rohwer visited our band last Friday to conclude the study that she is doing on the lung capacity of the older adult and the benefits of playing a musical instrument.
Dr. Rohwer serves as the Chair of the Division of Music Education at the University of North Texas. She is also the Conductor, administrator and arranger for the Denton New Horizon Band.
We are looking forward learning the results of her study.

Slide Show Pictures

The pictures in the slide show below are of our new members and new pictures of Jimmie Stewart with his Bass Clarinet and of Shirley Howard. Welcome.....

Check out my Slide Show!