Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron's pictures are posted on the North Texas web site.

They finally posted my photos on the University of
North Texas web site....kinda cool....check it out.

Ron Kukal

Friday, September 7, 2007

Band Members enjoyed Leon Breeden and the Official Texas Jazz Orchestra at the Duck Inn--Pictures by Ron Kukal

This was an e-mail sent to me by Ron about the night at Duck Inn:

Below is a link to pictures someone else took when Leon
Breeden was playing with the band.

This is the North Texas website...

It was an unbelievable evening. The band was the best I think I have
ever heard...great jazz. The Duck Inn was jammed
to the rafters with people...glad there was no
fire...I think 27 people from NHBD.....not a bad
showing..the food was great and the music even better. I wish
you could have been there, Mary.

Mr. Breeden is essentially the guy that started the
music program at North Texas in the late 50's...and
the One O'Clock Lab Band. A great man.

Ron Kukal
Ron, Thank you for the information and the great pictures. I wish that I could have gone. I am glad that everyone had a good time. I had a very nice time visiting my daughter from South Carolina. Mary.

UpSwing at Northpark Presbytarian Church Sept. 5, 2007--Pictures by Ron Kukal

Before Band Practice August 24, 2007--Pictures by Ron Kukal