Saturday, October 25, 2014

Band Council Meeting 10-24-2014

From left to right: Phil Cook, Bonnie Vincent, Bob Sims, Frank Bray,  Judy Weir, Mike Rossi, Gloria Cecil, Bitsy Laney, not pictured Mary Kilgore        

Band Council 

Gloria Cecil / President
Bitsey Laney / Recording Secretary
Judy Staser / Treasurer
Frank Bray / VP Scheduling / Webmaster
*Ron Kukal / VP Operations
Bob Sims / Music - Librarian
Phil Cook / UpSwing mgr.
Fred Parrill/Vicki Sims / Audio-Visual
Mary Kilgore / Photographer
Kathy Warren / Social
Bonnie Vincent / Sunshine
Bob Ball / Publicity-Media
Merry Sponheimer / Uniforms
Walt Dean / Membership - Financials - Records 
Judy Weir / Historian
Buddy Givens / Tax Acct.
Mike Johnson/ Chairs and Set up.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

U.S. Navy BUPERS Unit Change of Command Ceremony at the Frontiers of Flight Museum 10-10-2014

Pictures by Mary Kilgore

Carl Backus-Bass Clarinet

 Waiting to play  before the ceremony.

 Mike Rossi- Band Director

 Vicki Sims- Photographer

Gloria Cecil- Band President 

Pictures by Vicki Sims