Sunday, June 24, 2007

Judy and Joe are back from their Concert Tour in Europe

On July 10th we will be leaving for England where we will sing at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Stirling Castle and Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, and Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, returning to Dallas on July 19th. Our program contains music ranging from Spirituals to Latin motets to the ever-popular Randall Thompson “Alleluia”. Come share our excitement and joy of this adventure.

(We are glad that Judy and Joe are back had had a wonderful trip.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Southfork Ranch June 15, 2007

Our band played for the CHANGE OF COMMAND AND RETIREMENT CEREMONY of the local Navy Recruiting District.

It was a very nice ceremony and I enjoyed playing for our service men and women. After the ceremony we were invited to take a tour of the Southfork Ranch where the TV show DALLAS was taped.

My daughter,Cindy Fleharty, took some pictures for us.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Southfork -- A message from our Band President


A most sincere 'Thank You' for a job well done yesterday! What a wonderful performance for an impressive and dignified military event.

The chance to support our men and women in uniform, and more specifically, the U. S. Navy, is one we all should cherish and I hope you left South Fork with the same feelings of humble pride as I at being provided the opportunity to serve in such a manner!

Thanks to all our invited guest musicians who so graciously swelled our ranks and contributed to what was a great sound; you are appreciated!

Bob and I spoke briefly after the ceremony and he too was most pleased with and for the Band. I'm not sure but, I think there were at least two buttons missing from his shirt that could only have been a result of his extreme pride in the New Horizons Band of Dallas!



Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Several of our band members along with many of his other friends celebrated Dale Rude's birthday last week at Golden Corral.

Dale was a trumpet player with our band and now sings with the Big D Men's Barbershop Chours. They are very good!!! We enjoyed some of their talent at lunch that day.

It was fun to see Dale and we wished him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

THANK YOU--- to Fred and Charlotte Parrill

(Picture by Vernon Bang)

Walt Dean, our President, along with Frank Bray and Jack Parker presented a plaque of appreciation from our band to Fred and Charlotte Parrill (Charlotte not shown).
Fred and Charlotte have been very generous in donating many needed things for our band.
Many thanks again…

The Hawkeye Hug

June Stoskopf, Vernon Bang and Joann Aukes

When I (Joann) acquired a saxophone again (after 50 years of not having any playing experience) I was spending the summers in Iowa . I learned that there was a New Horizons Band at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls , Iowa . I went to see what it was all about and began playing with them that summer. That year when I returned to Dallas , a New Horizon’s Band was forming and I began playing here as a Founding Member. While playing in Iowa I learned what an integral member June was in the band there. Imagine my delight when she appeared at our NHB Dallas after moving here in 2004. What a great percussionist she is and just what NHBD needed. We renewed our friendship. Then last year when we had a band expansion program I was called by Vernon Bang, another Iowa percussionist who is a great addition to NHBD. Our memories of living in Iowa provide a unique bond between us. That is why we get together at practices for our Hawkeye Hug.